I’m riding in the rain….🎢

I’m riding in the rain 🎢

Just riding in the rain 🎢

What a glorious feelin’ 🎢

I’m hap..hap…happy again 🎢

About 112mm of rain has fallen since 9am this morning. With a waterproof jacket and curiosity to see what’s happening out there, I ventured out to ride under today’s rainy blanket.Β  Creeks and lakes are swollen. Gutters brimming with water rushing to find the storm water drains. Paths filled with puddles. The fresh rain falling on my face. I’ve enjoyed riding out in the rain today. Particularly knowing there’s a warm cup of tea waiting at home.

Waterways overflowing

Waterways overflowing

Riding in the rain

Riding in the rain

Riding in the Rain GOPR0651

Paths filled with puddles

10 Comments on “I’m riding in the rain….🎢

    • Hi Loretta, I’ve since found out from a neighbour that we had 300mm of rain (or 12 inches in the old scale) in 48 hours. Glad it stopped….the ground is still quite soaked. My raincoat, though is dry and ready for the next rainy adventure πŸ˜€πŸš²


  1. Well done Gail, you’ve put paid to the myth that a rainy day is a good time to stay indoors πŸ™‚


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