Celebrating a second year!

This month marks the second anniversary of A Bike for All Seasons. Two years of cycling through the seasons sharing stories about bicycle lifestyle.

A Bike for All Seasons began from a decision to use my bicycle more in everyday life and drive my car less. I started this blog to capture the change that resulted from that choice. A choice that was an experiment in lifestyle change.

The experiment began on 1st December 2014. I committed myself to the project for a year: four seasons of cycling and sharing stories. When I finished the year on 30th November 2015, I was pleasantly surprised at where my bicycle had taken me.  Click here to read more.

So this month marks another year! My bicycle has taken me on wonderful adventures again this year. Some from around the streets of Australia’s Gold Coast where I live. Others elsewhere exploring rail trails in winter, the Tweed Valley caldera in summer, and the streets of Oslo in a Norwegian spring.

I’m particularly grateful to the growing community of people who follow, read, share and invigorate the stories and photos these adventures bring. Thank you!

Well I better get on my bike. It’s time to head south for the Great Victorian Bike Ride – #GreatVic Ahead 🙂


Final tuneup for the bike before leaving for the GreatVic.



26 Comments on “Celebrating a second year!

  1. so looking forward to hearing about your trip. Here the cold rain is lashing down but we are lucky as we have no flooding. Other parts of the country were inundated yesterday. Oh for some sunshine. Enjoy your ride

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    • Sending sunshine your way Brenda
      And congratulations on reaching your goal of riding 4000 miles this year. That’s sensational!


  2. It’s been a pleasure sharing your experiences and travels, especially as I’ve found myself on a somewhat similar path.
    The pure enjoyment I get from my bike – whether I’m riding, cleaning, photographing or talking about it – has really changed my life. Your blog helped inspire my to do just that bit more, go that little bit further, be a tad more adventurous, as I was getting started. Now I don’t think anything will hold me back!
    Bring on year number three! Cheers, and happy riding! 😊

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    • That’s wonderful Dayna. Thank you. I was reflecting recently about your bicycle life and how it’s developed into a genuine joy within your everyday life. And also how it seems to have created many new connections for you. I’ve enjoyed seeing this happen and watching your adventures- I mean seeing you riding past Buckingham Palace in a Brompton bicycle race 😂 that was really something!

      Year 3 is in the making – and I’m looking forward to it!
      Happy pedalling 😄

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  3. Gail Thank you for inviting us into your story….and all that Dayna said 🙂

    With you in spirit on the Great Vic ride.

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  4. Gosh Gail, two years already?! What an achievement – and a transformation. Love the photos of you – positively glowing. Here’s to the next year of posting and cycling – so, onya bike girl!

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    • I’m sure it will be Margaret. Some cold weather greeted us when we arrived in Victoria yesterday. And it looks like staying cool for the week too. Lucky we came prepared.


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