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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Travelling over Christmas took me to Bargara. This small town hugs a coastline scattered with basalt rocks, remnants of a long extinct volcano, and nestles into the broader reach of the regional city of Bundaberg, which sits twelve kilometres inland. Two years ago, Bundaberg was a focal point of news services across the world because of the destruction and dislocation caused by floods. The city and its coastline is newsworthy for another… Read More

I’m riding in the rain 🎢 Just riding in the rain 🎢 What a glorious feelin’ 🎢 I’m hap..hap…happy again 🎢 About 112mm of rain has fallen since 9am this morning. With a waterproof jacket and curiosity to see what’s happening out there, I ventured out to ride under today’s rainy blanket.Β  Creeks and lakes are swollen. Gutters brimming with water rushing to find the storm water drains. Paths filled with puddles…. Read More

We agreed to meet our friends late Sunday afternoon at their apartment at Main Beach. I figured that if they’ve travelled 36 hours on a plane from New York, then my riding twenty kilometres up the road to Main Beach is only fair. Though, as Sunday approached, my apprehension grew. Each day, the heat and humidity was intensifying. Thunderstorms were brewing. They were forecast for Sunday. That’s the other question that comes… Read More