Riding to wellness

Riding to wellness

Bicycle Queensland have published another article that I recently wrote for their Bike Life Blog.

This article is about wellness and although I’ve written on this topic before, I’ve given it some new insight.

To read the article, click on the image below or click this link: https://bq.org.au/bike-life-blog/riding-to-wellness/

5 Comments on “Riding to wellness

  1. well, you are preaching to the choir here. There are a heap of TED talks and scientific articles talking about cycling benefits as noted by you – physical, mental, social, environmental…

    The two main barriers are lack of mainstream acceptance, and limited government encouragement with facilities – maybe these two barriers connect

    Apart from many other issues, one I have noticed is lack of dedicated pathways to schools. Most schools are in cycling distance, and a bit of exercise before and after a student’s sedentary day would be of benefit to them. And have you seen the ‘mum’s taxi’ lines outside schools?



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    • As a seasoned commuter Hugh and weekend adventurer, you know well the benefits of regular cycling. I too am frequently amazed at the overuse of cars for neighbourhood trips. Infrastructure for bikes is quite under-thought here on the Gold Coast for sure. I’m sure that if the facilities for riding were improved, we would see a significant increase in participation by all ages. I’d love to see a veloway through Palm Beach which would be a much better community solution than a tramway.

      Thanks for your thoughts.


  2. Gail

    Your article spoke to me on many levels. With my physiotherapy background and my personal beliefs, I am very much in agreement with your observations and experience. Even though I am nursing a dicky knee at present, and cycling far less than I would like to, I find that my knee is still happy when I do get out and about for short cycles – up to 10 km. Joints love movement and muscles love activity.

    I agree with your respondent Hugh, that life would be far better with more, user friendly cycle paths. We are seeing progress in Brisbane and I hope that continues.

    And good for you, carrying the banner and reminding us about the value of cycling.


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    • Hi Jen, I think health professionals see the benefits of movement and physical activity (and the cost of its absence) first hand. The evidence is compelling. Brisbane is going ahead in leaps and bounds with its infrastructure for bike-riding. The attitude towards cycling is impressive. So too is the Queensland Government’s emphasis on bike-riding with funding initiatives for regional areas. There are some great things happening. And Bicycle Queensland’s advocacy is contributing greatly.
      I hope your knee continues to recover. In the meantime, those short cycles are gold!
      Thanks for your thoughts 🙂

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