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A bike for all seasons brings you inspiring stories about life seen from two wheels. I invite you to travel vicariously with me on this bicycle journey through life, meeting interesting characters, exploring new places and resolving unexpected dilemmas.

On the eve of my birthday in 2014, I decided to use my bike as much as possible as a means of transport. You see, I enjoy living slowly and simply. Riding my bicycle is part of this picture. I still own and use a car but as a result of this ‘experiment’ to ride my bicycle more, I now use the car less. A lot less.

I like writing and sharing these stories, plus people enjoy reading them. However, behind that motivation is my desire to encourage people to ride bikes and be ‘bike-aware’ when they’re making choices about their lives and their businesses.

I see bicycle riding as revolutionary in the positive impact it can have on our world. If more people rode bicycles, our communities would be better places to live – kinder to our health and well-being, more closely connected and fun!

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll visit again soon.

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We can’t change the world on our own

but each of us can do something that makes ‘the whole’ better.


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32 Comments on “Start here

  1. This will certainly be life changing, I can assure you. I ve been using my bike as a main source of transport for almost 2 years now. I would never go back. Check out It is my site all about biking and well being, you may enjoy it considering your newest endeavor. Best of luck


    • Thanks Matthew! Your comments are really encouraging.
      I’ve just read your latest post about Mondays and looked around your site and watched the GoPro video – what a contrast to the streets I ride! I’m going to enjoy following your posts. Thanks 🙂


  2. I hope you have as much fun and satisfaction from this as I have had Gail, I look forward to reading about your experiences.
    After five years back in Oz I’ve just succumbed to “market forces” and purchased a vehicle, (although I’ve had a motorcycle for about three years), ostensibly as a tool to earn an income.
    For the first couple of years back in Brisneyland a bicycle was my only transport, (apart from occasional train travel), rain or sunshine and aside from a couple of falls it was enjoyable, challenging and kept me fit and healthy.
    Now I’m building bamboo bikes and regularly use my prototype, Juan, to get around although I have to admit I don’t do the kilometres I used to.
    I wish you every success with this (ad)venture.


  3. Thanks Andrew! It’s great to read your comments and lovely to receive your well wishes.

    So far, I’m enjoying this everyday adventure. I still have a car in my life too but just one, after my partner and I decided to share one car between us quite a few years ago. There were adjustments we had to make back then to adapt to one car, but they’ve now become normal choices.

    This venture to ride my bike more and use the car less takes that one step further. Sometimes we need a car (for work or family or because public transport isn’t an option) but I want to be less reliant on it and more creative in how I think about moving around – that’s part of the enjoyment. And I love the community that sits out there travelling on two wheels – people say hello and smile – Hmmm…there might be a post about that…

    I saw your beautiful bamboo bikes for the first time last November when I was at the Pedal Brisbane exhibition and was really impressed. They are beautifully crafted and must be very enjoyable to cruise around on. It must be very rewarding to ride a bike that you’ve made yourself 🙂


  4. Hi Gail

    Love your blog and what you are doing. I was inspired by a visit I made to Amsterdam a few years ago. When I checked into my hotel they lent me a bike and for the whole week I was there I rode everywhere. There are many more cyclists than drivers on the road there at any one time. Most mums dropped their kids off to school by bike; on a Friday night young folks would go out on their bikes, their partner sidesaddle across the bar. Businessmen, shoppers, tourists, students all on their bikes. And all riding slowly in a relaxed fashion and no one in Lycra! I now try to ride wherever I can – to work, shopping, visiting friends. And to take my time to breathe in the fresh air and the smells and sights of the season. I try to respect pedestrians and drivers- in my view too many cyclists ride aggressively and are in too much of a hurry, which defeats the whole purpose of such a wonderful way to get around. Well, anyway, that’s my cents worth… Congratulations on a great blog and happy cycling!

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    • Hi Warren, thanks! It’s wonderful to read your experience of cycling in Amsterdam and how it inspired you to cycle more often. Some friends recently returned from a visit to The Netherlands and over the weekend gave me some content to use as a post so I hope it will inspire others as to how we can integrate bicycles into our lifestyles. Not just for exercise but for work, family and the sheer joy of freewheeling. And it is about respect for other users of the paths and roads. With that, amazing change is possible in how we share our spaces. Thanks for your ‘cents’ worth…it’s certainly worth much more, for sure! 🙂


  5. Oh yes it sure is Sean. I rode out this morning in my raincoat for a peek. King tides and steady rain overnight meant the creek was very swollen and very little beach to be seen. More rain on its way according to BOM…


  6. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog and the follow, Hope you enjoy my blog, you have a great blog here.


  7. I love your blog concept and also the amazing self-portraits you have chosen to use on this page. It makes me want to read more about your adventures. Your face looks so happy and excited for life. It’s contagious.

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    • Thanks Andrew! I love the thought of contagious happiness!
      In April, I’m travelling with my partner to Denmark and Norway and hope to have a few cycling adventures while we’re there. It might be a bit colder than here in the sub-tropics though!

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  8. Hi Gail. It was good to meet you this morning on the boardwalk by the PBC High School. A friendly chat left me feeling contagiously happy. Although my cycling will be limited now, in my 82nd year, to three wheels, power-assisted, it’s still a great way to get around. I’ll follow your blog with interest. Good luck in Scandinavia. Cheers, Derek Morris.


    • Hi Derek, thanks for finding my website 🙂

      It was lovely to meet you this morning and share an invigorating chat. I’m always inspired by people like you who choose an active life regardless of age.

      I’ll keep a lookout for an electric trike. I think that’s an excellent way to move around and I’m sure there are many others who would enjoy riding one. The Dutch have a wonderful array of bicycle options so I’m hopeful we’ll see some of these bicycles find their way to Australia before too long.

      Best wishes


  9. What a fascinating blog you will create as you journey into an entirely new mode of being. My best wishes for your success on this bike journey. Thanks too for your visit and follow.


  10. Hi Gail, I found your blog via your comments on Paula’s Paperbark Writer blog. I am fascinated by your challenge, and I look forward to following along.


    • Thanks Jane. That’s great! I’ve just looked at your Earth Apple Jane blog and we have some shared interests. Most recently the joy of the changing seasons. I know I’m going to enjoy reading your posts and viewing your beautiful photography 🙂 Thanks for making contact!


    • Thanks Sheree. It’s been 11 months since I started and so far I’ve pedalled over 2963kms – much of which is moving around my neighbourhood getting from ‘A to B’ plus rides for fitness. I’m enjoying it very much 🙂


  11. Hi Gail,

    Nice to “meet” you. I have just started following your blog. Great idea. I’m certain you will find the bike life changing. I cycle mostly – to work, for errands, and to train. My bikes have certainly changed my life. I look forward to reading about your rides and hope to visit the Gold Coast one day with Chas.

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    • Hi Gary, good to “meet” you too. I discovered your blog through Bike Like Crazy and I’ll look forward to returning to read more about bike life in Canada. And also about your rides as you work through your cycling bucket list. Oh and the adventures of your family of bicycles: Chas, Lou & Thatch 🙂

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      • Bike Like Crazy is an inspiration to us all. She deserves a lot of credit cycling through the winter months in the snow and ice. I look forward to learning more about your adventures.

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  15. Hey Gail; have you blogged on riding the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail or any other rail trails in Qld? Once normality returns, I’m heading your way and a bit research always helps. cheers, Richard


    • Hi Richard, that’s great to hear. Yes you’ll find a couple of stories from 2016 about the BVRT and I’m heading out there again at the end of this month to ride a different section. There’s also a post from 2018 about the South Burnett Rail Trail, which is an easier trail – all asphalt – and shorter. You should also look at the Kilkivan to Murgon Rail Trail (which I haven’t ridden). It links with the SBRT and they form the KKRT. Both very different surfaces though. These three trails are well-worth visiting Richard. Good to have some plans for when the borders open up again. Safe riding, Gail.


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