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Monthly Archives: March 2015

I arrive home from a morning ride and at the end of the driveway I see my neighbour Bob sitting in the communal car wash bay with his bike. I let my bike roll on along the pebblecrete, curious to see what he’s doing. It’s a sunny morning with high humidity and Bob sits in the shade on a foldaway pine chair. His bicycle stands in front of him, suspended on a small triangular frame,… Read More

Today I drove. Two weeks ago, I had to drive the car so it could have its yearly service. Today, I had to take it back. A warning signal was appearing that said: “Car service due in 800km or 34 days”. The mechanic hadn’t reset the car’s software to acknowledge the service was completed. I was keen to have this dealt with. Visions of the car refusing to run or exploding at the expiry of 800… Read More

The radar showed a blanket of blue, green and yellow with sprinkles of red, pulsing in a six frame loop on my iPhone screen. It was early Saturday evening and a text arrived: Lotsa rain on way! Do you want me to come past and pick you up in the van?  We were soon to ride out to meet a friend so we could all ride over to Dust Temple for a Bleach*… Read More