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Monthly Archives: February 2015

I’ve enjoyed many conversations lately about bicycles and bike-riding. There are dozens of stories about what riding a bike means to people. Someone said to me recently: “I only ride a bike if it’s sunny, there are no hills and I’m in Europe!” I heard another person say… “I’m not a serious rider, I just ride for exercise.” Every person has a story to tell about riding (or not riding) a bike…. Read More

Yesterday I wasย called “insane”, “crazy” and “the raining princess of pedal power”. Eachย affectionately.ย You see, it’s raining again and I’ve been riding in the rain. It’s too interesting out there to stay inside. Wind and rain whipped up by tropical cyclone Marcia has stretched over 700kms along the Queensland coast. On the Gold Coast we’re lucky to be far enough south to feel only theย fringe of this Category 5 storm. Communities further north… Read More

It was a sunny morning on Coolangatta beach. The sea was sending small swells around Greenmount headland. Two young girls were learning to surf in the shallows. A slight sweep of the current and undulating sand beneath made it awkward to pick the right place for the peak. We bodysurfed a couple of waves and headed back to the bikes to change and ride on to a new little coffee house. Riding… Read More