Post your bicycle stories…

I’ve enjoyed many conversations lately about bicycles and bike-riding. There are dozens of stories about what riding a bike means to people.

Someone said to me recently:

“I only ride a bike if it’s sunny, there are no hills and I’m in Europe!”

I heard another person say…

“I’m not a serious rider, I just ride for exercise.”

Every person has a story to tell about riding (or not riding) a bike.

This post is where you can add a story. It might be yours or someone you know…

Use the “Leave a Reply” box below to post your story – little or long – I’d love to read it!

*Thanks to James for another great photograph from his trip to The Netherlands

7 Comments on “Post your bicycle stories…

  1. These are 2 pics of the bike commuter parking at the back of the fabulous Kyoto train station but they’re a bit old 2001, I took them so they have no copyright

    Here are the other Kyoto pics*:

    Sent from somewhere by my cat

    *click on Instagram link for photos


  2. Many thanks! That’s interesting to see how many commuters were riding bikes in Japan at that time and obviously it drew your attention too. Thanks to your cat for the technical input.

    Does anyone else out there have stories about bicycles in Japan?


  3. Though I’ve ridden a bike off & on since I was a kid, I only got hooked since I retired. It was the last thing I reckoned on. I now do over 9,000 km a year, mainly road biking, and love it. We live in an area beside hills and the sea, so get plenty of variety. I’m friends with others of all ages in various groups that ride together. We also manage to go on trips, last year a glorious week in Mull, the year before Alpes D’Huez for the 100th Tour de France. For me a great form of exercise, transport and companionship.


    • That’s a wonderful story about cycling in your life. Thank you fossilcyclist! The distance you travel each year is amazing. I imagine amongst such beautiful landscapes, it’s no doubt easy to just keep pedalling and enjoy the view, your friends and all the other good things riding your bike brings.

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