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Monthly Archives: July 2015

The afternoon was moving to a close and I needed to organise something for dinner. I grab fourย calico shopping bags, my wallet, glasses and mobile, dropย them into my pannier, attachย the second pannier to my bicycle and ride out forย a spot of quaxing. Over the next ten minutes, my neighbourhoodย bicycle-scape criss-crosses my ride: A young man, no helmet, shoots through the narrow path under the highway, riding a weathered bike… returning from the… Read More

The heavens smiled on me today. A seventy percent chance of showers, the weather forecast read. Hmm, I have some people to meet for coffee this morning at Burleigh Heads, almost seven kilometres away. It wasnโ€™t an essential, must-go-to-at-all-costs type of meeting. It sprang from bumping into a friend over the weekend, realising itโ€™d been a long time since weโ€™d chatted, and followed with an invitation to join in for a catch-up… Read More

As we walked along the esplanade on the cool sometimes cloudy sometimes sunny Sunday, we heard the distant ‘ting ting’ of a bell from behind. It’s a shared path and so we veer to one side of the concrete while continuing to walk on. ‘Ting ting!’ it sounds again. Oh well I think, nothing more to do, there’s plenty of room for a bike to pass. ‘Ting ting’ I hear again. Yes,… Read More