a bike for all seasons


This post links to a story called ‘Wheel Life On A Brompton’ which I wrote recently forย ‘Ride With A View’ – a website dedicated to sharing the simple pleasures of cycling. Take two small wheels, a steel frame and some amazing engineering and you have a versatile folding bicycle called the Brompton Bicycle. Riding a Brompton bicycle is a new experience for me. Iโ€™m normally seen riding a touring bike around the… Read More

Plans to ride over the creek and pick up a pizza came unstuck. Over the new bridge I rode. The late afternoon light throwing long shadows as the Brompton sped across the smooth concrete. Fridayโ€™s carefree feeling was in the air. Two young boys threw fishing lines into the creekโ€™s full tide. A retired couple walked slowly out for an early dinner. We were on our way to collect a pizza. โ€˜Itโ€™ll… Read More

The afternoon was moving to a close and I needed to organise something for dinner. I grab fourย calico shopping bags, my wallet, glasses and mobile, dropย them into my pannier, attachย the second pannier to my bicycle and ride out forย a spot of quaxing. Over the next ten minutes, my neighbourhoodย bicycle-scape criss-crosses my ride: A young man, no helmet, shoots through the narrow path under the highway, riding a weathered bike… returning from the… Read More