Wheel Life on a Brompton

This post links to a story called ‘Wheel Life On A Brompton’ which I wrote recently for ‘Ride With A View’ – a website dedicated to sharing the simple pleasures of cycling.

Take two small wheels, a steel frame and some amazing engineering and you have a versatile folding bicycle called the Brompton Bicycle. Riding a Brompton bicycle is a new experience for me. I’m normally seen riding a touring bike around the streets of my neighbourhood on Australia’s Gold Coast. But the new year of 2017 brought me new wheels. Small ones. That’s right a Brompton.

I wanted to learn more about this unique bicycle so I decided to talk with a Brompton aficionado who lives in Melbourne, one of the world’s most liveable cities. Continue reading here…

Postscript: If you have trouble with the link, then click or ‘copy and paste’ the following url into your browser: http://ridewithaview.cc/2017/03/08/wheel-life-on-a-brompton/

16 Comments on “Wheel Life on a Brompton

  1. Gail and Dayna I enjoyed your story, thank you. I agree the luggage capacity of the Brompton is really good with the block mounted on the front. And because it is low and on the frame rather than the handlebars, you remain quite stable even with a heavier load.
    Fun and functional bikes 🙂

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    • Thanks Jen! Interviewing Dayna about her Brompton life was great. It’s amazing how versatile these bikes can be… something you know well 🙂


  2. I got my Brompton in ’08 and love it. I took it on the train and rode it through Yorkshire to watch the start of the Tour de France in 2014. A great ride!

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    • Wow! that would’ve been an exciting tour to take on your Brompton, Erik. Like you I have a couple of different bikes but some days just seem to be a Brompton kinda day for riding 🙂 I really enjoy the contrast and the simplicity of the folding bike.


    • Thanks Brenda. I can understand the attraction for more gears for sure. Sometimes the six I have on the Brompton leave me pushing a little hard on some inclines. I see a few Dahons around the Gold Coast. In fact I saw a bright orange one today tethered to a pole near some shops.

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  3. Now you’ve got me doing research!!! This would be ideal on my busing gigs. I was looking at Bike Friday, but….. Very cool.

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  4. Hi Gail, I loved your post about the Brompton. I use mine everyday (M3L) to commute to work and I took it last month for a trip to Vietnam 🙂 Hope I can bring it to Australia sometimes 😉

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    • Hi, I’m encouraged by your commuting and travelling with your Brompton. Folding bikes are so versatile. And the Brompton is very well made so it’s very easy to use. It took me a little while to get used to the folding but now I’m more confident with it and find it’s quite easy. If you do visit Australia, let me know if you’re visiting the Gold Coast. We have a small group of Brompton Riders ( there’s a Facebook page called Goldcoast Brompton Riders) And if visiting Melbourne, check out the Melbourne Brompton Club’s Facebook page for contacting Dayna and other riders. Good riding! 🙂

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  5. Nice entry – I ride a Xootr Swift – it doesn’t fold as small as a Brompton, but I’m a big guy and it is a very strong bike. It also takes standard bike parts, which has made it a pleasure to upgrade.

    Still, I salivate over the Bromptons I see on the road. One guy can’t help but show off – he folds at every short stop.

    Thanks for sharing.


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