I’m a bicycle-riding writer living on the Southern Gold Coast in Australia.

I write creative non-fiction about things that interest me. Writing helps me understand who I am and the world around me. Words give shape to what I see and feel. They allow me to share that experience and my contemplation of it.

Interesting people, beautiful places, life made rich by living fully and embracing change – these are the things that fuel my writing.

Here are some of my published articles about bicycle lifestyle. You can click on the links below to read each article:

June 2021: Tips for Riding with Pedestrians and Cars

June 2021: 7 Reasons to Get on Your Bike 

June 2021: Riding to Wellness 

May 2021: Creating a Bicycle Lifestyle

March, 2016: Cycling Through Change

June, 2016: Cycling Somewhere Better

September, 2016: Have Bike Will Travel

December, 2016: Cycling Connections

June, 2017: Doing Something Different

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