Friday night pizza with a twist

Plans to ride over the creek and pick up a pizza came unstuck. Over the new bridge I rode. The late afternoon light throwing long shadows as the Brompton sped across the smooth concrete. Friday’s carefree feeling was in the air. Two young boys threw fishing lines into the creek’s full tide. A retired couple walked slowly out for an early dinner. We were on our way to collect a pizza. ‘It’ll be ready in 15’ said the guy from La Boca Pizza at the Currumbin RSL Club. And so it was.

The back rack on the Brompton, with its sturdy stretchy straps, looked perfect for carrying a pizza box home. I unclipped the straps, rested the pizza box on the rack and then stretched the straps over the box. I wiggled the box, checking it was secure. On the bike I sat. But when I began to pedal, my plans came unstuck. Heel strike!

As I pedalled, each heel would strike the pizza box. It wasn’t possible to ride home carrying the box on the Brompton. Luckily, Jane had peddled out with me on her tourer and placed the pizza across her touring handlebars for the ride home. Problem solved.

After dinner, I shared the heel strike story on Instagram with a photo of the Brompton and pizza box. Suggestions flowed in from Brompton riders. So too did an offer from the RSL to be their pizza delivery driver (biker) once I’ve sorted out the heel strike issue.

One suggestion included rotating the pizza box 45 degrees for more clearance. So I parked that idea for next time. This is worth trying.

Three weeks later, Friday night pizza is on our menu again. Will rotating the pizza box work? It has to. This time I’m on the Brompton and riding solo. At a pinch, I could juggle the box home on the handlebars or in the front luggage bag but both feel like a recipe for my homemade tossed salad being accompanied by tossed pizza.

The pizza is ready in 15 as promised. I unclip the stretchy straps, place the pizza box on the rack, twist the box to 45 degrees and then secure the straps over the box. Gingerly, I sit on the saddle and test the pedal stroke. Hurray! No heel strike!

Now I just have to follow up the Currumbin RSL about their job offer 😀


My first attempt at carrying the pizza results in heel strike.


Rotating the box to 45 degrees works! No heel strike!


Friday night pizza with a twist.

23 Comments on “Friday night pizza with a twist

  1. great idea – DH has a new Bickerton folder being delivered tomorrow. I think it was the accident that made him think about ordering one. he really wanted a Dahon Speed TR like ,mine but they are no longer available new. I have told him he now has to get an OAP bus pass so we can take a bike and bus pass tour heehee. We always make our pizzas at home so no problem with getting them home.

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    • Haha homemade pizza sounds delicious!
      I’ve looked up the Bickerton and it looks very nice. Made in the UK so very handy for you and DH. A bike/bus expedition opens up new adventures so DH better get that pass. 😄

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  2. I love the solution. However, as you usually enjoy pizza on Fridays, why not go the whole hog and collect yours on a Bike Friday. My trusty Pocket Rocket often carries two panniers, portable easel, various canvases and other art gear. Full size rack is out of heal strike area. However, I do covet your Brompton – on the n+1 principle this British export might just be my next bike.

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    • A Bike Friday for Friday errands – I love it! 😀 I’m new to the Brompton so I’m still figuring it all out. My Vivente tourer has a full set of panniers that I use for errands to the shops, beach, library… and I even managed a full beach umbrella once! That’s a fantastic load that your Bike Friday carries. I have a friend who toured on a Bike Friday and now owns a Brompton. I think she works on that n+1 principle too … sounds good to me 🙂


  3. Gail, I chuckled when I read your story. We don’t have the racks on our Bromptons so we will have to stay with home made pizza for now. Or, if you are taking up your new role as a delivery rider….? Jen

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  4. Ha! Problem solvered! I couldn’t quite garner enthusiasm for ‘tossed’ pizza somehow, even accompanied by one of your excellent salads Gail. Now, does the RSL deliver pizza to Tweed Heads. Methinks the rider will need to bring a microwave to reheat it when you finally arrive. Mmm, how to carry that on the Brompton?

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  5. Nice; read about this solution once before. I am a big Brompton fan. Traveling now in Europe, sans my Brompton 😦 , and I am constantly stopping Brompton riders here, asking 2 quick questions. Do you speak English? How much do you love your Brompton?

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    • 😀 Great questions! Since I’ve been riding my Brompton (I’m only relatively new to it), people often come over to ask about the bike. Some people are curious about the bike and others are like you; they’re people wanting to share their enjoyment of life on a Brompton. I always enjoy those conversations.
      I hope you enjoy your travels Stephen and thanks for dropping by abike4allseasons 🙂


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