Break in transmission

Break in Transmission

A change of season

A change of pattern

A cold is caught


What was I taught?

Rest, she had said

Take time to recover

Bless you.

No riding, no writing

No swimming, no play

Just runny nose and goo

Oh, poo!

A break in transmission

Time to sit still

Settle in the changes


©Gail Rehbein 2017


19 Comments on “Break in transmission

  1. Ah Gail, maybe a break in transmission, but you’ve released a different form of creativity. Well done! Jen

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  2. love your little poem but sorry you are under the weather. Hope you get well soon. I was out at 6.00am in the cold wind and rain. I begin to wonder if I am insane heehee.

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      • Stay well, my friend. I’ve been working out at a gym with Charley for the last couple of months, building up my leg muscles so I can follow in your tire tracks as soon as the winter weather breaks.

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      • Oh I’m excited to hear that Clare. You know you can get cat baskets for bikes. I wonder if Zuzu will be interested in a two wheel ride 😉

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      • the idea of baskets for bikes is very appealing to Roxie – not so much for ZuZu. Roxie is seeing them as a little gazebo on wheels and ZuZu just feels it is a cage in which we could ride her to the vets. The two wheel ride does appeal to me, though.

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  3. The word “transmission” reminds me to my Chemistry class about IR Spectroscopy lesson. I love the poem! 😍

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      • I mean “transmission” is almost similar with the word “transmittance”. The word I learn from IR-Spectroscopy is transmittance.


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