a bike for all seasons


Break in Transmission A change of season A change of pattern A cold is caught Achoo! ≑ What was I taught? Rest, she had said Take time to recover Bless you. ≑ No riding, no writing No swimming, no play Just runnyΒ noseΒ andΒ goo Oh, poo! ≑ A break in transmission Time to sit still SettleΒ in the changes Renew. Β©Gail Rehbein 2017  

The radar showed a blanket of blue, green and yellow withΒ sprinkles of red, pulsing in a six frame loop on my iPhone screen. It was early Saturday evening and a text arrived: Lotsa rain on way! Do you want me to come past and pick you up in the van?Β  We were soon to ride out to meet a friend so we could all ride over to Dust Temple for a Bleach*… Read More