a bike for all seasons


Riding recently to my local beach, I’ve seen a giant turtle, two oversized deck chairs and an army of enormous ants. Strange but true. You see, the Swell Sculpture Festival has been a highlight of my riding over the past fortnight. Our beachfront esplanade and the beach itself has been a delightful adventure at all times of the day – morning, afternoon and nighttime too. I’ve ridden there, enjoyed not having to worry… Read More

For about ten days each year, the Currumbin Beach esplanade transforms into a sculpture park, alive and brimming with creative juices. The foreshore grass, trees, sand dunes and the sentinel-like rocks that book-end Currumbin Beach provide the landscape for around 55 sculptures to stand, sit, hang, chime, swing or wheel around. And that’s what I saw when I was out riding today. Today it was installation day for the Swell Sculpture Festival. Artists combined… Read More

Yesterday I was called “insane”, “crazy” and “the raining princess of pedal power”. Each affectionately. You see, it’s raining again and I’ve been riding in the rain. It’s too interesting out there to stay inside. Wind and rain whipped up by tropical cyclone Marcia has stretched over 700kms along the Queensland coast. On the Gold Coast we’re lucky to be far enough south to feel only the fringe of this Category 5 storm. Communities further north… Read More