Swell riding

Riding recently to my local beach, I’ve seen a giant turtle, two oversized deck chairs and an army of enormous ants. Strange but true. You see, the Swell Sculpture Festival has been a highlight of my riding over the past fortnight.

Our beachfront esplanade and the beach itself has been a delightful adventure at all times of the day – morning, afternoon and nighttime too. I’ve ridden there, enjoyed not having to worry about traffic snarls or finding a park, and immersed myself in the creative adventure that sculpture can be. I’ve snapped a few (hundred) photos and a little bit of film too. So here’s a collection of images from this year’s festival. I hope you enjoy their magic too.





A pyramid…


…made of bread crates


…looks like this inside!



Giant Turtle at night with silhouette of stranger.

And for a relaxing 33 seconds, enjoy ‘Swirls’…

24 Comments on “Swell riding

  1. Love the Kingfisher! Haven’t seen that one before. Is the festival attracting many tourists specifically for it? Or mainly people already in the area?

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    • The Kingfisher was beautiful Dayna – so much detail in the tiny tiles. The festival attracts about 250,000 people over its 10 days. I’m not sure of the tourist/local split but my guess is Gold Coast locals and probably day-trippers from Brisbane represent a significant proportion. The festival is much loved and many people look forward to it each year. Yes, I’m one of them 😀

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  2. Lovely images Gail. My favourite was the ants climbing up Elephant Rock. The bike was certainly the best way to travel. The traffic seems to get worse there each year. It was good to see lots of schoolchildren walking back from viewing. Such a great opportunity right in their backyard.

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    • Thanks Robyn 🙂
      I was amazed at the numbers visiting the festival Robyn. I heard it was about 250,000 people over the ten days. Quite incredible for a single strip of beach. The ants were clever and very effective. Their pastel colours worked really well.

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    • The pyramid was a surprise for me too Jen. I didn’t know whether I’d like being inside it but it was really quite pleasant and gave some interesting perspectives to look from the inside out.


  3. Loved all the shots! I like all the sculptures but the bread crate creation surprised me. I never would have thought to use them in that way. I wish I’d made it to the festival. Thanks for sharing it with us. 🙂

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    • Thanks Jane! 🙂 The bread crates are quite purposeful too. Apart from being interesting visually, and experientially, the sculpture also had a powerful message about economic inequality. The pyramid represents the distribution of most wealth to a small percentage of the world’s population. The bread crates play on the slang of ‘bread’ or ‘dough’ for money. So it was quite clever.
      Swell is always an enjoyable ten days and it’s a joy to share it 🙂

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    • The bottle lids were really effective. Their re-purposing made me look at them differently. I felt this sculpture said a lot about the plastic overload that bottled drinks produce.
      Thanks Margaret 🙂


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