Wheelie Windy

For about ten days each year, the Currumbin Beach esplanade transforms into a sculpture park, alive and brimming with creative juices. The foreshore grass, trees, sand dunes and the sentinel-like rocks that book-end Currumbin Beach provide the landscape for around 55 sculptures to stand, sit, hang, chime, swing or wheel around.

And that’s what I saw when I was out riding today.

Today it was installation day for the Swell Sculpture Festival. Artists combined with trucks, cranes, shovels and many helping hands to set up their exhibits in preparation for the festival starting on this Friday, 11th September. It runs through to Sunday 20th September.

From what I saw today, it looks like a great festival is in the making with amazing exhibits and sparkling Spring skies.

And of course riding your bicycle is a great way to get to Swell. So, to inspire…

Here’s a peek of “Wheelie Windy” by artist Ged McCormick  – A wind farm made of recycled bicycle wheels – which of course places it right at the heart of abike4allseasons 🙂

10 Comments on “Wheelie Windy

  1. Thanks for the heads up Gail. The sculpture festival is a favourite and your video clip hints at the delights in this year’s offerings. Love the name – Wheelie Windy.

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    • There’s excitement rippling around the neighbourhood about this year’s exhibits. The snippet I saw yesterday says it’s going to be a great display! The lion I posted in my instagram feed is quite impressive.

    • Hi Dianne, they’re great aren’t they? All okay for the magpies though… they’re down the other end of the esplanade. Let me know if you plan to come down to the festival and we can meet up 🙂


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