a bike for all seasons


Riding here. Travelling there. It would be easy to think that all this bicycle riding is all go, go, go. Non-stop. An endless trail of activity. Perhaps you’re exhausted just reading about it. Well, huddle in. I want to tell you something that I haven’t written inย this blog before. I like resting. In fact, I’m a big fan of resting. And it seems that’s a good thing. Actually, even better than I’d… Read More

Lately, the question Iโ€™m asked most often is โ€œhowโ€™s your training going?โ€ Itโ€™s been two months since I began training for the RACV Great Vicย bike ride and I have another two months to go. Iโ€™ve never trained for anything like this before. Iโ€™ve never trained full stop. Iโ€™ve surfed and hiked and biked but nothing has ever needed training. So this idea of having an event to aim for is quite a… Read More

It was the first week of January. ย A new year with new adventures. The idea was to ride from Currumbin to Brunswick Heads, via the Billinudgel Nature Reserve, stay two nights and then ride back. Google Maps estimated it would be 60.3kms each way and 3hours 18mins pedal time. The good thing about Google Maps is that it profiles the elevation of the planned route, making it clear where the ride will… Read More