Fair weather rider

“I’m a fair weather rider” she said.

The yoga class was over and people were collecting their shoes, shorts, keys and bags to leave. It was 7.30am and the humidity was high after some morning showers.

“Are you on your bike today?” I heard someone ask.

“No, not with the rain this morning. I’m a fair weather rider”, came the reply .

Perhaps it was my imagination but I sensed a note of something in her voice. Was it disappointment at not riding? Was it acknowledgment of a perceived failing? guilt? or relief to have a quick and easy response to the expectation that she should be on her bike?

When I heard it though, it made me wonder how loaded the campaign to take up a bike lifestyle can become. There was no need to give a reason or any justification for not riding her bike – but she did. There have been times when I’ve done the same.

Many of us want to ride our bikes, recycle our rubbish, take public transport, consume less, be contributing to a cleaner planet and then we can feel compromised, if we don’t. The choice to ride a bike is an expression of values and remaining authentic to them is not always easy.

As I prepare this post, there is an afternoon thunderstorm rumbling and darkening the skies to the west. The wind has started to swirl the trees. I check the BOM (Bureau of meteorology) website to check the forecast: SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING: DAMAGING WINDS, HEAVY RAINFALL And LARGE HAILSTONES. Any plans to ride to my yoga class tonight might be kaput.

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