Thank you…

Six months into my urban bicycle experiment, the word is spreading and I want to say THANK YOU to everyone out there who is reading, liking, commenting, tweeting and sharing these stories.

Over the weekend, a wonderful article about my seasons of cycling appeared in the U on Sunday magazine in Queensland’s Sunday Mail newspaper. Senior writer for the magazine, Leanne Edmistone heard about my experiment from a colleague and thought it a good fit for their magazine. A big thanks to Leanne for capturing the intent of the experiment so expertly with her words and to Luke Marsden for working skilfully to photograph me and my bicycle by the beach at Currumbin.

A WARM WELCOME to the new readers who arrived after reading the article.

And a HEARTY THANKS to the many regular readers who read, like, comment, tweet and share the weekly stories. This experiment reaches further because of you.

Now I better get those pedals spinning so I can weave some more stories.

16 Comments on “Thank you…

  1. Congratulations – what a lovely feature article and a great photo of you as well.


    • That would be ideal! There is one made in Australia that carries three longboards and has a carry net for other gear like wetsuits and towels underneath. The dampener though is it’s quite expensive and also I’m not sure if the fittings will work in with my pannier rack. I’m keeping an eye on the company’s website because they seem to be looking at more affordable options.
      The other option is a side rack but that usually is restricted to carry boards up to 8foot.
      So the search continues…
      I’m hoping there’ll be a solution soon because small winter waves are my favourite!


  2. A lovely profile Gail. I hope it gives more readers the opportunity to share your cycling research and experience. The lyrical writing is a bonus.


  3. Thank you Gail for reminding me of all the fun you can have cycling, and all the places you can cycle. And thanks for sharing the article – would you have ever imagined when you started out with this project?

    We have our Bromptons now and are thoroughly enjoying the ride 🙂


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    • I’m really happy to have made it through the first six months Jen. There’s been a whole lot more to this experiment than I’d imagined and no doubt more to come! 🙂

      That’s fantastic news about your Brompton buy! I’ll look forward to hearing more about that when we next meet.

      Thanks for writing Jen!


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