Getting ready for Cycle Queensland

This September, I’m riding in Cycle Queensland for the first time. Each spring, about 500 bicycle riders pedal their way through this nine-day cycling holiday. The route changes each year. And each year I’ve been tempted to register but taking time off work, as well as doubts about whether I’d make the distances, has stopped me. Not so this year.

Having ridden in the GreatVic bike ride last December, my first long-distance tour, the distances are no longer daunting. Plus, being able to choose a four-day option makes getting time away from work easier.

There was another incentive too. The 2017 Cycle Queensland is finishing at Currumbin on the Gold Coast, where we live! The prospect of seeing hundreds of bicycle riders streaming jubilantly into Currumbin on the last day of their cycling holiday was just too much. There was no way I was going to miss out.

This year the tour starts in Goondiwindi in western Queensland and weaves its way towards the southern Gold Coast. Jane and I have registered to ride for the final four days from Stanthorpe to the Gold Coast. As Bicycle Queensland put it in their recent blog post about our adventure, that’s 271kms of riding too good to miss!

If you’re interested to know more about Cycle Queensland, go to:

16 Comments on “Getting ready for Cycle Queensland

  1. Do you ever get rain on these trips. here in the UK in spring you always have to plan for rain – sun is a bonus. even now in summer , its like early autumn with rain and winds. enjoy every minute

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    • Our rainy season on the east coast is during the summer months Brenda. That’s December, January, February and we can get some wet weather in early autumn too. I’ll have a rain jacket with me just in case. 🙂


      • We’re getting more unpredictable weather here too Brenda. This winter has been wetter and more cloudy than usual. And I think we’re going to see a long tail to winter. So this spring ride might be a little cool 🙂


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