a bike for all seasons


It’s Bike Week! Saturday 25th April marks the beginning of Bike Week in Queensland, Australia. This celebration of cycling takes place every year. It involves workshops, group rides and Ride2Work day, all with the intention of seeing “more people cycling more often”. This is the mantra of Bicycle Queensland as they organise this annual festival. “more people cycling more often.” Bicycle Queensland is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to “promote safe, everyday bicycle riding”. I’m a… Read More

The thought of riding a bicycle in Copenhagen was intoxicating. It had been 72 hours and 15,637 kilometres since I last spun some pedals around and this city is one of the world’s cycling capitals, a role model for bicycle culture and lifestyle. I wanted to experience it first hand. I wanted to see just how good cycling in everyday life can be when people live out their everyday lives on two… Read More

For April, I’m swapping seasons and travelling in Denmark and Norway. It’s early spring in the northern hemisphere and although the air is very cool when we arrive in Copenhagen, hiring bicycles and learning to ride the streets like the locals, makes me very happy. Denmark’s Copenhagen and Amsterdam in The Netherlands are the world’s cycling capitals with brilliant infrastructure and high participation for everyday use. They provide models to which many world cities aspire where streets… Read More