a bike for all seasons


With my sea of information swelling, being able to ride a bicycle was a wonderful way to let it coalesce.

As a bicycle rider, the highlight of my ending Autumn in Canberra wasn’t the relatively flat terrain for cycling nor the wide smooth cycleways bordering Lake Burley Griffin. It wasn’t seeing the yellow bicycle racks attached to bus fronts so that cyclists can travel by bus with their bicycle! It wasn’t even the hardy Canberran bicycle riders enduring the wintery weather nor the $10million underpass being constructed at Bowen Place by Lake Burley Griffin to make a safer… Read More

It started well. I’d booked a hotel that offered bicycles for cruising around Canberra. I thought, Great! I’d received an email confirming a bicycle was reserved for me and that maps for riding from the hotel to the venue for the HARDCOPY workshops would be waiting for me. This is impressive! Then I met my bike. Friday morning, having checked the weather (sunny and seven degrees), fuelled with a hearty breakfast and wrapped in layers of… Read More