a bike for all seasons


Familiar yet foreign. That’s how I would describe driving the car. It’s something I know how to do, yet now, it feels a little different. In fact, driving the car feels a little weird. It’s nearly nine months since this experiment began. That’s nine months of driving less. And riding my bicycle more. Much more. The experiment was never framed to eliminate the car but to test the boundaries of where the… Read More

β€œIt was certainly a very hot autumn day”, reported the Bureau of Meteorology. Yesterday, the fifth day of autumn, I forgot that summer was over. And so did autumn. Usually a time of gentler temperatures and cooler air, autumn stepped aside and summer charged in. Sizzling unsuspecting skin left uncovered. Evaporating moisture with an atmosphere warmed by a northeast wind. I hadn’t expected it to be so hot. A day earlier, the… Read More