a bike for all seasons


My experiment to ride my bicycle as much as possible in everyday life has cycled through four seasons. This time last year, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into! I had a lot of questions in my mind about what would happen, how I’d cope, would I last the distance? Was this a ridiculous idea that would fizzle out like a sparkler at a birthday party? But… I needn’t have worried…… Read More

A personality test once described me as someone who might buy champagne even if the pantry needed filling. It was one of those corporate training programs to develop managers that emerged in the late 80s. Of course personality tests are disputable. They depict a slice of the person, not the whole. And for some tests, it depends on what context you draw your answers from. Am I the same at work as I am at… Read More

Wednesday was National Ride2Work day where Australians are encouraged to commute to work by bicycle. It’s a wonderful initiative to draw awareness to the possibility of riding a bicycle to work and to give people an opportunity to try it. There are breakfasts organised by local councils and bicycle associations, allowing commuters to meet along the way and share the experience of riding to work. My workplace is at home. So commuting by bicycle… Read More