Four seasons, more seasons… more stories

My experiment to ride my bicycle as much as possible in everyday life has cycled through four seasons.

This time last year, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into! I had a lot of questions in my mind about what would happen, how I’d cope, would I last the distance? Was this a ridiculous idea that would fizzle out like a sparkler at a birthday party?

But… I needn’t have worried… I did cope, I lasted the distance and the idea grew a brighter flame in me with every week and month that passed. Throughout, I never did know what was around the corner with this project. But I’ve been surprised and delighted with what’s unfolded over the four seasons.

I’ve pedalled over 3777 kms.*

I’ve met interesting and inspiring people in my neighbourhood and throughout the world.

I’ve explored different ways of doing things, adapting, inventing and challenging myself to change where I can and accept where I can’t just yet.

Now that I’ve cycled through the four seasons, I feel a wonderful sense of achievement. And I’m grateful for the growing community who follow, read, share and invigorate these stories. Thank you!

So, I’ve been thinking – and some have been asking – where to next?

Some of the changes that I’ve made because of this experiment, have become normal now. They’re no longer a dilemma or deserving of contemplation. That’s just the way I do the shopping or meet up with friends. This means that, in some ways, the ‘stretch’ factor of this change in lifestyle has lessened.

In other ways it hasn’t.

The weather, the different situations I face and the people I meet, bring fresh experiences, perhaps unexpected challenges, interesting decisions and new observations.

There’s so much that I don’t yet know or understand, there are new people to meet and so many new adventures to experience on two wheels.

So what’s next?

More seasons, more adventures and more stories!

Stay tuned – who knows what’s around the corner…?  🙂

*The actual tally is higher because there were some locations where I wasn’t set up to record my kilometres: on Lord Howe Island, while in Denmark and Norway; and also for springtime in Canberra.




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