a bike for all seasons


For April, I’m swapping seasons and travelling in Denmark and Norway. It’s early spring in the northern hemisphere and although the air is very cool when we arrive in Copenhagen, hiring bicycles and learning to ride the streets like the locals, makes me very happy. Denmark’s Copenhagen and Amsterdam in The Netherlands are the world’s cycling capitals with brilliant infrastructure and high participation for everyday use. They provide models to which many world cities aspire where streets… Read More

This project shares stories from my cycling adventures. It is an urban adventure around my neighbourhood, my city and also includes my travels to other places. I invite you to share your stories too. My experiment to ride my bike for four seasons in everyday life has made it through its first season – summer! As you’d expect, some of my adventures over the summer involved meeting the weather like “Riding in… Read More

A friend recently visited The Netherlands for a family reunion. Over a few weeks, he travelled to four cities and as a keen photographer (and the owner of a new bike for cycling forest trails), James was captivated by the way in which bicycles are part of everyday life.  With James’ permission, here are his observations and photographs: Netherland Bikes – A way of life for all seasons. It was so nice… Read More