Some statistics after the first two weeks

Any good experiment needs some statistics to make some sense of what’s going on.

Since starting this experiment, I’ve been recording some facts about my cycling trips: where I rode, why, how far it was, how long I took and for a bit of fun, the maximum speed I rode (which at present is 45.2 km/hour! It was downhill with a tailwind – I had very little choice but to go fast ☺).

Here’s a snapshot of some interesting stats from the first two weeks:

  • I rode a total of 203 kilometres.
  • About 93 kilometres were to places where I would usually drive the car.
  • Each week there were car journeys that I chose not to take because it would be too difficult to ride by bike or because I realised I didn’t really need to go there anyway.
  • I drove the car twice: once to collect the new bike rack and once to a wedding. That’s right.. a wedding and riding the bike eleven kilometres to the wedding in winds around 25 knots (or 50km/hour) with a chance of rain, dressed for a wedding just wasn’t going to work out!

As I keep this cycling log, I’m learning that some days across two or three small trips – to the shops, the gym, the beach – I can easily ride up to 15 kilometres in a single day. It all adds up and means I’m getting some really good exercise along the way.

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2 Comments on “Some statistics after the first two weeks

  1. I loved your previous posts for their visual appeal and eloquent accounts. This post on your progress supported by statistics is inspirational. Keep those wheels spinning!


  2. Thanks Robyn 🙂 I’m glad you’re enjoying the posts.
    It’s amazing how those kilometres add up and I’m intrigued by how this project is influencing the choices I make. Thanks for reading!


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