Am I enjoying the experiment?

This week I was asked if I’m enjoying the experiment. My immediate response then, and now, is a resounding Yes! I feel it’s giving me a focus that is quite healthy for me at present. You see a couple of months ago I was told my teaching contract wouldn’t be renewed.

It was a casual part-time contract for teaching academic writing at Southern Cross University. I’d been teaching there for three years and, every three months I’d receive a fresh contract to teach a new group of students. These students were preparing for entering an undergraduate degree. Some were fresh from school, some in their mid-twenties, some young mums and dads, and some were in their forties and fifties. Whatever age and from whatever work, social or economic background they came from, all of them shared a common desire to find a new direction and, for many, being involved in this program was a step to reinvent their lives. It was inspiring to work with them.

So, without the contract for teaching, I stepped into a gap where I had fewer commitments and plenty of time. It was time to rewire my life.

While out riding last week, I saw a sandwich board sign with a quote written in chalk: “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”. I smiled because that’s exactly what I’m doing. This experiment is a doorway to channel my skills in writing, my joy of bike-riding, my interest in living sustainably, and my desire to experience and promote personal change, for myself and others.

This project is a good fit for me. I’m glad that I’ve built the door. So, am I enjoying the experiment? Yes!

Although, as with any experiment, what will happen and where it will lead is a big unknown. Sometimes that’s a little daunting and my mind runs with questions. Will it be a waste of time? Will anyone be interested? Will I be able to stick with it?

I’ve decided the most practical thing I can do is to turn up each day, be present and follow my inspiration as each day unfolds. I hope you’ll follow my journey as I ride my way through the seasons.

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