Replacing Kylie

I had just finished writing an email to a friend and thought I’d look at his page on Facebook. I was still setting up my Facebook page (which is now up and active, if you’d like to connect with me there) and was interested to see how Sean’s page was set up. Well!…what did I see but a photograph of me, arms stretched wide in ‘explore’ mode with a caption that read:



Now I knew of Sean’s Cyber Riders Club as a page on his blog where he shares stories and photos of bike rides that he and his friends have enjoyed riding under the motto of ‘Walking Up Hill and Riding Down Hill – That’s Life’. However, I wasn’t prepared for what I read next.

“It is with great pleasure that I, Harry Handlebar, as President and Founding Member, of the Cyber Riders Club, announce that Kylie Minogue our long serving Patron has stepped aside to allow Gail Rehbein to take up the position of Patron of The Cyber Riders Club.”

“253 more words” it said. Naturally, I clicked the link to read more.

It turns out that my long time friend Sean (aka Harry Handlebar, President of the Club) is so impressed with my plans to ride through the seasons that he’s persuaded Kylie to step aside! What an honour…but replacing Kylie? I just can’t believe it! I’d like to thank…my parents, my family, the unending support of my partner and of course Kylie for her gracious exit after such a long patronage of The Cyber Riders Club. I’ll aim to do my very best to set a sterling example for the other club members.

Sean, like me, enjoys bike-riding and writing. You can follow his stories on his blog, Sean Fraser

In keeping with The Cyber Riders Club inspiring motto and its photograph of Sean’s mum, my post has a photograph of Joan, my mum, who I’m sure would be very proud of my new appointment. She was, after all, quite a Kylie fan 😉

10 Comments on “Replacing Kylie

  1. Great post Gail, wonderful to connect with Harry Handlebar too. Love the photo of your Mum.


  2. Congratulations Gail on your new role as patron of the Cyber Riders’ Club! Commiserations to Kylie. If the photo is any indication cycling must be in your DNA.
    Thanks for a fun post.


  3. Well well Gail, congratulation with your new post, don’t know what to say, pretty amazing to replace Kylie M . Then a again as looks goes you are a winner, on and off the bike . It is still amazing considering you have been “out there” such a short time Love Kirstenxxx

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  4. A pretty dress and practical sun hat! Oh my, how bike fashions have changed. As for replacing Kylie, well, who else than you?

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    • Thanks Iris. It was lovely surprise to find this photograph of my mum. I think I had probably seen it many years earlier but it takes on a different meaning now that I’m riding my bicycle as I do. Hope your week is blessed 🙂

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