a bike for all seasons


This post is the nextย inย a series of five stories about how my year-long bicycle experiment has changed me. In the first story I wrote about saving money. In the second I reflected on how it is contributing to my well being. Now for the third story, it’s time to talk about aย special honour that wasย bestowed upon me. You see, it didn’t take long for the word to spread about my year-long bicycleย experiment… Read More

I had just finished writing an email to a friend and thought Iโ€™d look at his page on Facebook. I was still setting up my Facebook page (which is now up and active, if you’d like to connect with me there)ย and was interested to see howย Sean’s page was set up. Well!โ€ฆwhat did I see but a photograph of me, arms stretched wide in โ€˜explore’ mode with a caption that read: โ€œTHE CYBER… Read More