a bike for all seasons


This post is the nextΒ inΒ a series of five stories about how my year-long bicycle experiment has changed me. In the first story I wrote about saving money. In the second I reflected on how it is contributing to my well being. Now for the third story, it’s time to talk about aΒ special honour that wasΒ bestowed upon me. You see, it didn’t take long for the word to spread about my year-long bicycleΒ experiment… Read More

This weekend wasΒ a feast of creativity and community. The Bleach* Festival spread its wings, delivering little bundles of whimsical wonders along the Gold Coast: Street parties, pop-up exhibitions, circus theatre, opera in the outdoors,Β a slide night, and a ten metre mullet that moves around the festival sites with the help of five puppeteers. Known as a Fish-out-of-water, this giant puppet is a reminder that it’s autumn and soon the mullet will leave… Read More