Glittering heights

This post is the next in a series of five stories about how my year-long bicycle experiment has changed me. In the first story I wrote about saving money. In the second I reflected on how it is contributing to my well being. Now for the third story, it’s time to talk about a special honour that was bestowed upon me.

You see, it didn’t take long for the word to spread about my year-long bicycle experiment and before I knew it, I was chosen for a very special role.

Some of you might have heard of a singer called Kylie Minogue.

Unbeknown to many of Kylie’s fans, there is a unique club of bicycle riders who hold Kylie in high esteem. What happened early this year took me by great surprise.

Here’s the story of how I discovered that I was Replacing Kylie….

*  *  *

p.s. Kylie is visiting Australia this week and singing a live duet – a new disco Christmas song – with her sister Dannii on X-Factor Australia’s Grand Final . I wonder if she’ll be bicycle riding while she’s here… 😉


Gary, from PedalWORKS was kind enough to nominate me for this 5-story challenge because he’d like to learn how my year-long cycling experiment has changed me. 

9 Comments on “Glittering heights

    • Yes Jane, these were glittering heights that I certainly didn’t expect to reach when starting this bicycle experiment 😉

      It was great fun to read about Sean’s Cyber Riders Club which is fuelled by a healthy and hilarious imagination 😀

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    • 😀 I’m sure Kylie would find a way to pedal with panache 🙂

      Glad you like the photo. Thanks Robyn. Finding one for this post was more challenging than usual. I took this shot at this year’s Swell Sculpture Festival. It is the interior of the sculpture installed on top of Currumbin’s iconic Elephant Rock. The sculpture is called “Queens Land” by Jerome Frumar.

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