Weather wise

What the weather is, makes a difference. Riding through the four seasons, I’ve become even more aware of the weather. It has a bigger impact on my choices. I’m not shielded from its heat or cold as much. Its winds – their direction, their strength – make a difference to my day. Rain or sunshine, make for different choices.

I’ve long watched the weather. Surfing does that. Wind direction and speed, influence the ocean’s waves and their quality for surfing.

Over this past year, the weather has become an even closer friend.

The weather changes every journey. I notice her more. I notice the subtlety of her day and night, her winter and spring, her summer and autumn. She’s quite beautiful to watch.

I watch her closely. She’s fascinating. She brings me alive. She makes me adapt. She teaches me how to love her in all her moods and colours. Not a foe to be feared, or judged as bad, or resisted in some way. She asks me to surrender to the changes, adapt, grow stronger in her presence.

She’s wise that weather.

Weather wise G0077857

On 28th-29th November 2015, people from around the world will gather in the People’s Climate March. To find an event near you, click here.

For some music to inspire… enjoy the video below:

You’re The Voice: An anthem from women for climate Action and Hope.

This is the fourth post in a 5-story challenge about how my year-long cycling experiment has changed me. The first post looked at saving money. The second post considered my well-being and the third was a light-hearted recollection.

Gary, from PedalWORKS was kind enough to nominate me for this 5-story challenge because he’d like to learn how my year-long cycling experiment has changed me. 

17 Comments on “Weather wise

  1. This is a wonderful post Gail. And so true. I cycle most days. Rain or shine. The first thing I do is check the weather. Temperature. Wind velocity, and direction. I love those days that appear as a sun icon on the morning news. The weather determines when, where, and how I ride. How I dress. The routes I chose. And, the bike I ride. Nicely done 🙂

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  2. Being in tune with the weather is a fundamental way of being connected to this earth. In the past that connection was a given but in today’s world one must make considered choices to notice, to immerse oneself in it, and to be grateful.

    The People’s Climate March sounds like an opportunity to bring focus to the impact we have on our weather.

    Lovely photo of our sky too – there is always blue sky beyond the clouds.

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  3. I’ve just finished reading Claire Dunn’s book “My Year Without Matches” which is a wonderful and insightful reflection on this connection Robyn. As you say, we have to cultivate it in our everyday lives.

    🙂 yes, always clear skies beyond the clouds and always a N E W dawn waiting.


  4. Gail, once again what you written has been similar to my ponderings lately (but relating to my hiking.) On a recent trip I didn’t respect the weather. I rebelled and became impatient with it. I was even googling weather quotes to begin my blog post. My conclusion was that weather teaches us many things…acceptance, observational skills, patience, adaptability and flexibility – just as you said. So reading your post certainly spoke to me! Thank you for the wise reflections and beautiful photos. Travelling on foot and by bike certainly give one a different appreciation and observance of weather to travelling in an air-conditioned, tinted windows car! Great post, Gail. 🙂

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    • Thanks! We must be tuning into the same channel Jane 😉 You’re so right about the different appreciation that we almost HAVE to develop, when we’re exposed to the weather. It’s that part that I find so liberating in some strange way. I just have to drop all resistance and adapt. I’d love to read your post with your reflections on the weather and what it teaches us.

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      • Thanks Gail. Am on medications for a mystery illness at the moment and I feel like I am in a fog so the weather post may be saved for when I make some sense! Learning to adapt to illness at the moment. 😉

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  5. Gail Thanks for the post and the inspiring clip – I was proud to be part of the voice on the climate march that weekend.


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