a bike for all seasons


My previous postย highlighted the magnificent landscape we rode through on the Wollumbin Circuit, its geological, cultural and spiritual significance. In this post you’ll read aboutย the communities, their people and livelihoods that we encountered while riding the Wollumbin Circuit on a Good Good Friday. But first the news… (play first 20 seconds of video).. In this bulletin,ย  Hare Krishna visitors crossย creek in early morning hurry. Wild fruit feedsย bike-rider’s memory. E-bikes a gogo! Small… Read More

What theย weather is, makes a difference. Riding through the four seasons, Iโ€™ve become even more aware of the weather.ย Itย has a bigger impact on my choices. Iโ€™m not shielded from its heat or cold as much. Its winds โ€“ their direction, their strength โ€“ make a difference to my day. Rain or sunshine, make for different choices. Iโ€™ve long watched the weather. Surfing does that. Wind direction and speed, influence the oceanโ€™s waves… Read More

My feet feel the cushion of grass, thick, green and shaded by a tall stand of gum trees. Itโ€™s lunchtime at Griffith Universityโ€™s Gold Coast campus, my surrogate workplace for National Ride2Work day, and Iโ€™ve made a temporary office on a quiet piece of lawn. A northerly breeze simpers through native leaves, casting a shimmering mosaic, promising a tailwind for the ride home. Becauseย I work from home, I’ve decided to shadow a… Read More