a bike for all seasons


Four days had passed since I’d ridden a bicycle and my feet were getting tired from walking everywhere. Adelaide City is good for walking. The terrain is flat, a feature that also makes it good for cycling. When I first arrived, I hired the Adelaide Free BikesΒ but, with plans to explore the city’s impressive cycleways,Β I wanted to ride something that I felt more comfortable on. Hire bikes come in all shapes and… Read More

My previous postΒ highlighted the magnificent landscape we rode through on the Wollumbin Circuit, its geological, cultural and spiritual significance. In this post you’ll read aboutΒ the communities, their people and livelihoods that we encountered while riding the Wollumbin Circuit on a Good Good Friday. But first the news… (play first 20 seconds of video).. In this bulletin,Β  Hare Krishna visitors crossΒ creek in early morning hurry. Wild fruit feedsΒ bike-rider’s memory. E-bikes a gogo! Small… Read More