a bike for all seasons


My feet feel the cushion of grass, thick, green and shaded by a tall stand of gum trees. It’s lunchtime at Griffith University’s Gold Coast campus, my surrogate workplace for National Ride2Work day, and I’ve made a temporary office on a quiet piece of lawn. A northerly breeze simpers through native leaves, casting a shimmering mosaic, promising a tailwind for the ride home. BecauseΒ I work from home, I’ve decided to shadow a… Read More

My urban bicycle adventure – sprinkled withΒ travel to other places – has been active forΒ ten months.Β Over that time, I’ve pedalled over 2963Β kilometres. Through thisΒ blog, I’ve been documenting my personal experiment in bike riding and story-telling. I’ve committed to riding my bicycle as much as possible in everyday life. I’m testing the boundaries of myself – my laziness, discipline, fitness and lifestyle – as well as the boundaries of my city – its… Read More