Some statistics after the first two months

It’s been two months since I started this experiment to ride my bike as much as possible in everyday life. Every good experiment needs some statistics to make sense of what’s happening – at least that’s what the beancounter in me says.

So, I’ve been recording some facts about my bicycle riding: where I rode, why I rode, how far it was, how long I took and, if in the past, I would have used the car.

Here’s a snapshot of some interesting facts from the first two months:

  • I rode 668 kilometres.
  • About 276 kilometres were to places where I would usually drive the car. There are also car journeys that I chose not to take because it would be too difficult to ride by bike or I decided I wasn’t that motivated to go there after all.
  • In a typical week:
    • I make about 10 journeys on my bike
    • I ride about 75 kilometres
    • I spend nearly 6 hours riding my bike.
  • I haven’t yet broken my fastest speed of 45.2 km/hour that I reported in my statistics after the first two weeks.
  • Holidays and Christmas shopping saw me drive the car a couple of times. So too did my nephew’s beautiful wedding in January at Bargara.

Simply riding around the neighbourhood – for a swim at the beach, to meet with friends for coffee, and to do the shopping – I might ride fifteen or sixteen kilometres across two or three small journeys. I find that quite amazing. By swapping the car for my bike for these short journeys, I’m exercising without even trying!

It’s also saving us some money – which, of course, is making the beancounter in me very happy!

4 Comments on “Some statistics after the first two months

  1. Very impressed with your cycling log Gail! Keep up the good work. My old bike is in the garage staring at me. I should give it a wash and pump up those tyres 🙂


  2. Hi Gail,

    Great project and great writing! I am also mighty impressed with your grasp of technology.

    I look forward to regular installments.


    • Thanks Wendy! It’s great to hear from you! I’m really enjoying this project. As for the technology…well there’s been a few hours in there but little by little, it seems to be getting easier 😉


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