A not so wintry June…

By now, I thought I’d be writing about bicycle riding during the cooler months. Not so. June, our first month of winter, is over and the weather has been quite unusual. In fact, it’s been record setting.

Across every state in Australia, averages for the month of June were warmer than long-term averages. In particular, Perth on the west coast experienced its warmest average daytime temperature for June in over 100 years of recording.

On the east coast, in the state of Queensland where I live, the month of June saw record-breaking rainfall. At the Cairns International airport, a gateway to Queensland’s tropical north and the Great Barrier Reef, rainfall was three times the June average. Usually in Queensland, we live with dry winters where the sky spans clear blue for days and weeks. Rain is not expected to fall so regularly in our winter; it’s supposed to fall in summer. That’s typical for our tropical and sub-tropical climate.

Summer is also when tropical cyclones form, whipping up the seas and delivering heavy rains. The official season for cyclones is November 1 through to April 30. This week as July began, the Bureau of Meteorology announced a cyclone has formed in the Coral Sea near the Solomon Islands. Even though it’s not expected to impact our coastline, this is unusual. There is no record of a cyclone appearing in the month of July. Until now.

Times are changing. Must be time to change.

Photo by BOM

The satellite image from the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) shows Cyclone Raquel in the top right hand corner. This is Queensland’s first ever recorded cyclone in July. Photo: BoM

14 Comments on “A not so wintry June…

  1. Growing up in Brisbane in the eighties, I remember some wet winters, and for quite a long time thought that was the norm. Maybe that’s associated with El Niño weather patterns?
    There was a good, early start to the snow season in Victoria (which hasn’t lasted) and Hobart recently got a blast of cold air.
    These individual observations don’t prove anything much though; rather, they collectively contribute over a longer time scale to an quantitative change to our weather patterns.
    Having said that – a cyclone in July? That’s unheard of!! (Until now)

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    • You’re right Dayna, it does rain during winter but this year, the June falls have been much higher and so the number of rainy days has been quite unusual. It’ll be interesting to see what July brings – so far it’s a cyclone – can’t believe it!

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  2. I expect the bike experiment has made you much more aware of the elements Gail. It is so easy to have a sensory remoteness from the weather when we traverse our days in air conditioning and/or the insulated comfort of our cars.

    Mmm, I think it’s time I got the old bike out and felt breezy fingers in my hair again.

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    • It has Robyn, that’s for sure. From surfing and bushwalking, I’ve long been a weather watcher but being on the bicycle brings new decisions which are very influenced by the weather – hot, cold, wet, humid. And it’s quite invigorating to feel those senses come alive. So yes, I can recommend letting those breezy fingers (love that expression!) style your hair 🙂

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  3. Hi Gail, Unlike the goldcoastbooklovers, I am sick sick sick of the cold (freezing) weather here in Castlemaine. For some reason, winter has really got to me early – by last Tuesday I was thoroughly over winter. Perhaps the early string of frosts has something to do with it.
    I have also joined other Castlemainiacs wishing, praying for rain which may seem strange given the amount of rain you have experienced.

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    • We live in such a big country, the variations in weather are so interesting Margaret. When I was reading the reports about June’s weather, I read that Victoria missed its early winter rains. It must’ve all come up here to Queensland.
      I hope you get some relief from the cold temperatures.


  4. This morning it felt like winter – cool and clear. Perfect for cycling. Enjoy the clean air and sunshine.

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    • It sure did Maree! Clear skies, a crisp south-westerly wind and brrrr – I think we’ve got a winter day on our hands 🙂


  5. Ah yes, we’ve had quite a mild winter so far. This morning was back to being chilly again and I think it will be around 3C where I am near Ipswich. I love the winter weather for cycling and hiking here . I don’t cope well with heat so I am hoping for more cool temps. A July cyclone is rather unusual! 🙂

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    • It was here on the Gold Coast too Jane. The day after this post, the westerly wind sent in cool air, calmed the oceans and announced winter wasn’t going to bypass us 🙂

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  6. I find the warmth of this Brisbane winter disturbing. Easy to live with, but disturbing nonetheless. The second winter we lived in Brisbane (2007) the bird bath iced over – twice! Seems no chance of that happening this year. Thanks Gail for your timely post.

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    • Your bird bath ice over is a good example Paula. The broad patterns in the weather that we’ve learnt through observing over the years are changing. Now the weather appears more irregular, quite random. The day after this post, the winter westerly arrived and it was a very cold day. Four days later and a northerly wind appears and we’re back to the warm days again.

      As you say, it’s easy to live with but hints at the wider changes in the planet’s climate. Thanks for your thoughts Paula.

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