Pedal chat

Under a broad blue sky, the day was gathering heat as I rode along the Gold Coast Oceanway near Bilinga. From here to Kirra, the Oceanway is a three metre wide pathway shared by bicycle riders, pedestrians, skaters and wheelchairs. Up ahead I saw two bike riders setting a good pace.

“Good morning, good morning!” I said as I neared to overtake.

An echo came back, “good morning” in a deep voice and then a lighter “good morning” with a slight puff behind it.

“Love ya trike” I added.

“Thanks!” she said, “we needed it today to carry the esky.”

I looked down to see a blue esky* sitting between the trike’s rear wheels.

“We’re going to pick up some prawns” she added.

“Where from?”

“Off the trawlers,” she shouted with glee.

Laughter rolled around with our wheels. I glided by, falling deeper in love with the lifestyle we call summer.


*an esky is the brand name of an Australian portable cooler or cool box.

7 Comments on “Pedal chat

  1. had to google esky – potable cooler. you can see how languages develop and drifted away from each other in the past. How will language develop in the global communication age? I do wish we had some of your summer sun here in the UK

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    • Oh thank you… I’ll add a footnote to explain. Yes, it’s the brand name of an Australian portable cooler box and being so widely used, it’s name has replaced the name of the item itself!

      Good thought about language. Now that more people communicate globally, it’s easier to learn the vernacular of different countries – which I quite enjoy. On the flip side, it’s also fraught with the possibility of advertising from dominant global brands changing local expressions or pronunciations.


  2. Such a simple interaction but it is something that doesn’t happen with cars on a highway . Bikes are a friendly form of transportation and in our age of technology, a smile or wave or short conversation means so much!

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  3. I love the thought of laughter rolling around with your wheels. Have you ever witnessed the trawler queue at the boat harbour? All sorts wait in line but I haven’t seen any two-wheelers or trikes yet. Given the distance, that’s what I call really earning your feast!

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    • I haven’t been to the Tweed when the trawlers have come in. You’re right, the trike rider would’ve had at least another four kilometres to ride to the trawlers from where I saw her. And then back with a load of prawns! They looked like they were having fun with their seafood adventure and the miles no bother 🙂

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