a bike for all seasons


Under a broad blue sky, the day was gathering heat as I rode along the Gold Coast Oceanway near Bilinga. From here to Kirra, the OceanwayΒ is a three metre wide pathway shared by bicycle riders, pedestrians, skaters and wheelchairs. Up ahead I saw two bike riders setting a good pace. “Good morning, good morning!” I said as I neared to overtake. An echo came back, “good morning” in a deep voice and… Read More

Sometimes negativity knocks on the door and with the wink of an eye,Β surreptitiouslyΒ says, “wanna come to my party?” And soon you find yourself mindlessly dancing to tunes from a decade ago that you thought you’d forgotten and never did like anyway. Mine came in the form of a writer’s block. The words just weren’t flowing. IΒ kept turning up each day this week to a manuscript thirsty for words, but even though my… Read More