Barry’s Beyond Blue Tour

Remember Barry? Recumbent Trike Barry? A couple of weeks ago, Barry emailed to say he’s taking his trike touring.

But Barry’s tour isn’t a little two night tour like my 128km return trip to Brunswick Heads via Billinudgel’s bushy belly.

His tour is a three month adventure that will see him riding his recumbent trike 1,900kms (1,180 miles) from Coolangatta to Cairns!

Like me, you’re probably wondering why? Well, he likes the challenge. Also at 68, he wants to encourage other retirees to remain active and adventurous. Barry thinks people put unnecessary limits on themselves just because of their age.

(Yours might not be a 2,000km bike tour but I do believe each person has their own adventure in them. And as I write this post, I’m guessing that’s why bucket lists have become so prevalent.)

There’s also some unfinished business for Barry in doing this tour. Back in 2013, before he was a trike rider, Barry was riding a two wheel touring bike in a charity ride near Cairns. He took a fall and broke his hip.

Before he got on his bike that day, he knew not to ride – his gut told him not to –  but he went against it. People often say it’s easy with hindsight but Barry now believes ‘we’re wise before the event but we often don’t listen’. It was a lesson learnt.

We’re wise before the event but we often don’t listen.

His broken hip saw him out of action for about three months and driven home to the Gold Coast. So on this trike tour, Barry’s going to return to Cairns and ride again.

And while Barry’s tying off loose ends and meeting the challenge of the third age, he’s also raising money for Beyond Blue, an Australian charity working to reduce the impact of depression and anxiety.

He’s doing the entire trip on his own funds and without a support crew.

There’s more information about Barry’s trike ride on his fundraising page at Everyday Hero.

Please donate generously to show your support for the work of Beyond Blue.

Barry’s Beyond Blue tour begins in the first week of March, 2016.

14 Comments on “Barry’s Beyond Blue Tour

  1. I think that we can have natural anxiety about an upcoming event and other times we do feel a sense of unease that may be a warning to us that our body, mind, equipment, weather conditions or some other thing is not quite right. Sometimes I’ve ignored the latter feeling only to come a cropper and I realised I should have stuck with those gut feelings and postponed a trip or action. I wish Barry well on his trip and hope it is personally very satisfying as well as being a good financial and awareness raising activity for Beyond Blue. It’s certainly a good cause. Thanks for sharing his story, Gail. 🙂

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    • You’ve captured that so well Jane. There is a natural anxiety that appears from some something new or venturing into the unknown. And it’s different, albeit subtly at times, from that sixth sense that says don’t go or change directions. Like you, whenever I’ve ignored that intuition, I later wish I hadn’t.

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  2. Good for him. I know very well the call of adventure for us Medicare qualified bikers. I’m really considering riding my bike from Ocala, Fla to Austin, TX in October. Good for you Barry. Another inspiration for me. Thanks.

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  3. My admiration and best wishes go to Barry – I’m with him in spirit! Will definitely follow up his fundraising page.



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