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I’ve finally emerged from a hazeΒ of jet lag and head cold. Although bothΒ lingered longer than I wanted or expected, I’ve been able to haveΒ the rest I must’ve needed. So while I’ve been recovering, there hasn’t been much riding or writing or reading (blog writers, I’ll be visiting again soon πŸ™‚ ). But there are stories in the making. Over the coming weeks, I have some travel tales to tell about cycling in… Read More

Remember Barry? Recumbent Trike Barry? A couple of weeks ago, Barry emailed to sayΒ he’sΒ taking his trike touring. But Barry’s tour isn’t a little two night tour like my 128km return trip to BrunswickΒ Heads via Billinudgel’s bushy belly. His tour isΒ a three month adventure that will see him riding his recumbent trike 1,900kms (1,180 miles)Β from Coolangatta to Cairns! Like me, you’re probably wondering why? Well, he likes the challenge. Also atΒ 68, he wants… Read More