Switching seasons

Two weeks. Two countries. Two cities. Hello from Oslo!

I’m revisiting Oslo. Again in Spring and excited to experience this city as it wakes from wintery days. Only a week before I arrived, Norway’s capital was wrapped in cold, wet weather. I saw photos on Instagram where locals wondered when spring was going to come. I packed my suitcase with a little bit of everything and not too much of anything.

And it’s quite possible the Gold Coast’s autumn sneaked into my suitcase too. On the day my plane landed, sunshine spread across clear Nordic skies and temperatures rose to 25°Celsius (77°F). My telegram to home might have read something like this: warm, stop, sunny, stop, send more t-shirts, stop.

All this warmth brings bodies outside to soak up the sunshine. It also means bicycles are cleaned and serviced for a season of cycling. All types of bicycles. A variety of people and purposes. Some with helmets. Many without. Unlike Australia, wearing a helmet is not mandatory by law. Some wearing lycra for the longer commute. Many dressing for their destination.

So did I get out there among Oslo’s bicycle riding community? I certainly did – but first, here’s a glimpse of Oslo’s bicycle riders….

20160511 commuter GOPR1504

Springtime commuter

20160511 commuter GOPR1516

Between appointments.

20160508 barcode GOPR1383

20160505 Aker Brygge GOPR1205

Oslo harbour bicycles – bicycle rider – long shadows.

20160508 lycra barcode GOPR137720160505 bike rack & riders IMG_2181

20160508 Rooftop rider GOPR1397

Bike rider pedalling on the roof of Oslo’s Opera House.

20160508 Operean GOPR1388

Oslo Opera House – the bike riders were photographed on the incline to the right of the glass (close to where there’s a red speck).

12 Comments on “Switching seasons

  1. lucky you. I would have loved to be in Norway this year, we have a friend who lives 100kms north of Oslo. Hopefully next year the ferry will be running again and we can be there. The coast is great to cycle. Enjoy.

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    • Thanks Brenda. There are some really good cycling options in and around Oslo. I’m just in the city for this visit but if I get the chance to be in Norway again in the warmer months, I’d love to ride somewhere near the fjords. I’ve read about the Rallarvegen bike ride and it sounds pretty spectacular.

      p.s. I do feel very lucky 🙂


  2. I’m still amazed about being allowed to ride on the roof of the opera house, Gail.
    How do they get up there? It looks quite high from the street!
    And I love the telegram that you would have sent!
    🙂 Dayna

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    • I don’t think bike riding on the roof is encouraged Dayna but like many instances here, people seem to be given space to take responsibility for their choices rather than have heavy handed rules imposed.

      I’ve added another photo to this post to show a broader view of the Opera House. The building is designed to be a place for the public to enjoy by roaming up the sloping white marble (which quite resembles snow) and onto the roof (that white part at the very top). There’s a wonderful view of the Oslo fjord from there and it’s incredibly warm with reflected heat. Quite a special building. I was happy to stroll up rather than ride. 🙂

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  3. You brought the warmth right along with you! What happy pictures you have taken, it makes me smile to see so many people out on their bikes.

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    • Me too, Bri. There was a wonderful energy on the streets with so many people riding around in the sunshine. Coming from where the seasons change in subtle ways, I can only imagine what it’s like to feel such a season burst into life like this. 🙂

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