Oslo Revisited

What’s blue, white, very photogenic and found in Norway?

Clear Nordic skies over snow-capped mountains.

The bright white marble of Oslo’s opera house draped with azure skies.


The Oslo Bysykkel!

I’m switching seasons and revisiting Oslo. Looking back at my 2015 post, my Observations in Oslo remain current. There are, however, a couple of new developments. One is the Oslo Bysykkel – the Oslo city bike.

Oslo city bike is a bicycle hire scheme designed to help people move around the city easily. While the scheme is not new, last year’s purple dragsters have been replaced with a cute blue and white step-through. The bikes have three gears, mudguards, a chainguard and a very handy front rack for holding your handbag or backpack. They are very easy to ride and comfortable.

There are bike stations throughout the city where you can collect and return your hire bike. A growing number of cities have bike hire schemes which typically work on a subscription basis. In Oslo, registration for the current scheme requires a Norwegian phone number. At first I thought this restricted the scheme to residents but then learnt that buying a local SIM card for the mobile phone gave us a local number.

The city bikes are really well used in Oslo and when I went to a bike station for my first ride, there were no bikes waiting. I’m told this is common and a problem if you’ve got to be somewhere by a given time. Many locals use the city bikes to commute to and from work or university, as well as between work meetings. Even though I had plenty of time I only needed to wait a few minutes before another bike was returned to the station and available for use.

Using the Oslo Byskkel made it easier for me to explore places further away from my hotel and have a different experience from walking. I rode along the river that winds through Oslo and also visited Vigeland Sculpture Park, which despite all its stairs has ramps that make wheeling a bike around the park possible.

The other change I’ve noticed in revisiting Oslo is the growing number of electric bikes or eBikes.

An electric or power-assisted bike allows the rider to pedal as usual or use the electric power to propel the bike. When riding dressed for work and needing to climb hills, an electric bike would be very helpful. And I think the eBike is well suited to Oslo which, in parts, can be quite hilly.

My visit to Oslo is a month later than 2015 and I arrived in the week that Spring burst into action. Perhaps this flurry of warmth is why there seemed to be more people riding bicycles on this visit. But then maybe it might be the enjoyment of bicycles spreading.

Footnote: Thanks to Esther for keeping me moving on two wheels while visiting Oslo 🙂

Scroll over or tap each photo below to read its caption….

20160510 graffitti IMG_2445

Bysykkel meets street art.

20160510 Gail GOPR1480

Riding along Karl Johans Gate.

20160513 vigeland bike IMG_2497

Vigeland Sculpture Park

20160513 Vigeland IMG_2508

Vigeland Sculpture Park

21 Comments on “Oslo Revisited

    • Glad you enjoyed the photos Brenda. It’s quite a wonderful park to roam around in and on a bike especially. I was lucky to be there before the tour buses arrived – phew!

      Getting to the park was quite easy too – although I did opt for the footpath for much of the way to avoid the tram tracks.


    • One of our friends in Oslo feels the same. I first saw them on a visit to Oslo in 2000 and really enjoyed the park and the variety of expressions of people and relationships. Revisiting now, I was interested to see my response. I still enjoyed the park. Plus it’s free 🙂


    • Hi Margaret, I’ve been fortunate to visit Oslo a few times over the years and it’s growing into an interesting and vibrant city. There’s also a very beautiful Opera House by the harbour which I mentioned in my last post. The sculpture park is very popular and I visited some wonderful museums too. I’ve enjoyed this visit very much.


    • I was interested to see whether I still liked the sculpture as much as the first time I saw it. Sometimes revisiting things can not be as impressive the next time around but I still enjoyed it very much.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. It is indeed an interesting city and from your photos, Gail, the arts is very much alive! So green and the landscape is picturesque. Thanks for this post on Oslo. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s my impression too Iris. There is plenty to see if you enjoy the arts – be it sculpture, painting, opera – plus there’s the home of Henrik Ibsen, the playwright. And it’s all quite accessible too. Glad you enjoyed the post Iris. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Revisiting a place can give us quite a different perspective, much like re-reading a book at a later time. I love that you’re taking your bike travels on the road. More wonderful places and experiences to share with us. The sculpture park is marvelous.

    Liked by 1 person

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