Skinny tyres and speed Revisited

It’s that time again when skinny tyres and speed hit the streets of Kirra on the Gold Coast.

The Kirra Criterium took place last Saturday and, while I was out training for the Great Vic, I stopped to watch the first race of the event.

A criterium is a short course race that involves multiple laps around a defined circuit. For the Kirra Criterium, a 1.2 kilometre circuit was created on the Kirra Beach esplanade along Musgrave Street. Each race involved riding for 35 minutes plus two laps.

As different as racing bikes are from my style of riding, which is slower and more leisurely, I find it exciting to watch these talented cyclists speed past on their skinny tyres.

Here’s a short video of what I saw:

7 Comments on “Skinny tyres and speed Revisited

  1. just heard to day that in 2019 Yorkshire will again host another world class cycle race. The world Road race championship. The crowds just love it and our Yorkshire hills aren’t easy. It also helps to get the roads in better condition too so its great that skinny wheels need better roads.

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  2. How interesting… I wasn’t familiar with this term previously.
    A guess a Brompton World Championship (yes, here she goes again!) race is similar in some respects these days – riding laps of a short course as fast as we can over a set distance. But of course people get lapped – however the range of riders’ abilities in a BWC means most people are in it “for fun” (at least they are by the end, anyway!).
    A roadbike crit would be quite something to see. Definitely a spectator sport! #zoomzoom 😊

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