Summer by numbers

On the fourth day of Autumn, we sweltered in 35° celsius and 90% humidity. I didn’t ride. No need and too hot. However, during the Gregorian calendar’s thirteen weeks of summer, I rode quite a bit – to shop, to swim at the beach, to enjoy a coffee, to commute to work and to go out for dinner on balmy tropical nights. Here is my summer by numbers…

877       Kilometres travelled by bicycle

134       Most kilometres ridden in a single week

100       Journeys taken by bicycle

90         Days of summer

67         Days on which I rode my bike

67         Average number of kilometres per week

62         Pedal hours

46.8      Fastest speed (km/hr) – yes that’s downhill 🙂

32         Journeys under 5 kilometres

4           Days I had to turn around because king tides made the creek bridges unpassable

3          Minties I met

2          Middle-aged women who survived riding in a concrete skatebowl

1          Live snakes – a story yet to be told…

20180107 MTB beach ride IMG_4868 large

12 Comments on “Summer by numbers

  1. Hi, It will be interesting to see if cycling is the most convenient form of transport during the Commonwealth Games or will you be retreating to the hinterland of the Gold Coast?

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    • Hi Margaret, that’s an insightful point. The traffic congestion and restrictions are growing daily. I’ll be staying on the Gold Coast but thankfully have gone electric for my work commute and I’m feeling very happy about that.


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