Stories untold

Contemplating stories untold

It’s been ages. 
Since my pen
touched these pages.

I’ve been pedalling though. 
Bendigo, Bundaberg, Byron Bay.
Bargara, Mon Repos,
Brisbane for a stay.

Southport, Surfers and Burleigh,
here on the coast. 
Oslo in Norway,
where the winter chill hurt most.

Hire bike, folding bike,
e-bike, mountain bike.
Old favourite touring bike.

Kingscliff and Fingal for a writer’s retreat. 
The Brisbane Valley for a Rail Trail repeat. 
Noosa to Caloundra in unseasonal rain. 
Pottsville, Bruns with my brothers again.

Hire bike, folding bike,
e-bike, mountain bike. 
Old favourite touring bike.

Steamy summer Sundays
Icy trails with studded tyres
Beach rides with autumn tailwinds
Springtime with new beginnings…

Too many stories left untold
I’m picking up my pen, again
Let’s see what unfolds.

8 Comments on “Stories untold

  1. Dear Gail Welcome back! It is lovely to read your first reflection after your time away. I look forward to being drawn back into your stories and sharing your adventures. Jen

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  2. Gail, it’s nice 2 see you back, you have inspired me 2 have a crack @ the BVRT 30th August. I’m excited. 🥳🥳

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    • That’s great to hear Geoff 👏👏🤩 That’s going to be a good ride. A bit of climbing but the ride back will be a buzz! What bike will you ride?


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