Pedal Queensland

Currumbin Beachfront

Like many things, bicycle riding events have needed to change in response to the current pandemic. Events for bicycle riders have been postponed, cancelled or in the case of Pedal Queensland, introduced with a fresh shape to suit this new landscape.

Through cycling events, large numbers of bicycle riders can gather to share their enjoyment of group riding – be it competition or camaraderie, or both. And it’s not just the speedy cyclists that can get involved. Mostly, these bicycle events are inclusive, offering different distances and routes to suit a broad mix of abilities, ages and bicycle experience.

In recent years, I’ve participated in a few cycling events. I’ve enjoyed exploring Brisbane in The Great Brisbane Bike Ride and touring from Stanthorpe to Currumbin over four days in Cycle Queensland. Supported rides are a good way to increase your bicycle riding confidence and skills. The support of rest stops, closed streets, managed intersection crossings, first aid responders, campsites; and well-deserved snacks and meals, all add to a good day of riding. But not in 2020, unfortunately.

This year brings a different form of group riding. I’m participating in Pedal Queensland – a real-time ride with a virtual community. While participants are not gathering as a group, we’re riding as a virtual community for the enjoyment of riding and the challenge of how many kilometres we clock up. Ride on your own or with friends and family. Record your rides and upload your distance into the Pedal Queensland website. Plus there are rewards from riding like discounts on bicycle services, nutrition bars, gels, etc.

Bicycle riders in Queensland can join this virtual group ride at any time during the month of August. I formed a small team of family and friends who are riding as abike4allseasons. We’re enjoying watching the kilometres add up and surprised at how quickly they do. Although we can’t all ride together (because we live in different parts of Queensland), we’re having a lot of fun sharing this virtual ride and encouraging each other along the way. We even made it onto a couple of leadership boards 🙂

But more importantly, Pedal Queensland has encouraged some to shake off the short winter days and get back on their bike again. There’s something about having a shared focus that helps.

If you’re living in Queensland and you want to join in, follow the link for Pedal Queensland.

6 Comments on “Pedal Queensland

  1. Gail, not sure how to drive this blog thing, when I saw you excited this morning I thought I should let you know Rebecca & I are not able to do the BVRT this year. See you on the road, ride safe.

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  2. It was great to see you and Rebecca out riding yesterday Geoff. I was particularly excited because I’d seen how many kms you’ve been clocking up for Pedal Queensland – You’re about 4th on the South Coast leaderboard!

    Thanks for letting me know about this weekend – there’ll be plenty of time down the track to ride the BVRT. In the meantime, stay safe and well. See you out there. Best wishes, Gail


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